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  1. Aug 13,  · Forest City Lovers are nature-loving urban dwellers spinning lingering, lyrical melodies across the landscape of Canadian folk-pop. Born a fledgling pseudo-solo project of young songwriter Kat Burns, Forest City Lovers took flight in with the independent release The Sun and the Wind.
  2. Collecting close friends and peers she assembled Forest City Lovers over the period of recording at the House of Miracles with Andy Magoffin. Original band members included James Bunton and Andrew Kinoshita on drums and bass. She released The Sun and the Wind, independently in under the Forest City Lovers moniker. The single "Castles!"Genres: Indie pop, folk.
  3. Forest City Lovers. Album The Sun and the Wind. The Sun and the Wind Forest City Lovers. 1. Castles 2. Doorsteps 5. Scared Of Time 9. Oh Humility.
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  5. The Sun and the Wind () Castles! Doorsteps Song for Morrie Beneath Rocks and Sand Scared of Time Lost Parts On the Basis In Flight Oh Humility Mermaids Haunting Moon Sinking () Don't Go Sullen Seas Country Road Waiting by the Fence Pirates (Can't All Sail the Indian Ocean) Watching the.

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