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  1. Using a mix of brutal riffs and harmonies, Vehemence pulls off what few have, creating a sound and style of their own. Vehemence creates music only for the most extreme listeners of metal and seeks to gain more fans, friends, and recognition to take the world by storm.
  2. Fantasy From Pain Lyrics. Night breeze stiffens my muscles, trees bend in the street light. Leaves rustle by ominously, a chill quakes through my mind. Though tear drenched eye I witness, this innocents demise. The heavy hand of her father, her virginal flesh defiled. My hand moves to my scrotum, not wanting to enjoy.
  3. Vehemence is a death metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. They formed in and released their first demo cassette in Their debut album, The Thoughts From Which I Hide, was self-released in
  4. God was created by human minds Pathetic liar, I'm not afraid! Her jesus was not to blame for taking her life she died by my hand My hands around her neck, my cock deep in her cunt Open your mind and understand [Repeat] My hate comes from my mind, violence in my past I fixate and connect, obsess and destroy Her need for a god, created by her past Fear and ostracization, she wanted it this way This .
  5. Jun 02,  · God Was Created () by Vehemence. Labels: Metal Blade Records. Genres: Brutal Death Metal. Songs: Made for Her Jesus, She Never Noticed Me, Fantasy From Pain, Christ, I Fucking Hate You!, Lusting for Affection, The Last Fantasy of Christ.. Members: Nathan Gearhart, Bjorn Dannov, John Chavez, Mark Kozuback, Andy Schroeder%(1).

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