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9 thoughts on “ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight - Genesis - Selling England By The Pound

  1. +1. General Commentmoonlit knight: seems to me like its being done behind the ''people's back''. The moonlit knight surely represents what's wrong about english society and how its able to grow behind the curtains, during the night.''Dancing'' with him represents the hypocrisy of it.5/5(6).
  2. The Captain leads his dance right on through the night Join the dance Follow on! Till the Grail sun sets in the mould Follow on! Till the gold is cold Dancing out with the moonlit knight, Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout. There’s a fat old lady outside .
  3. The first track of the band’s album ‘Selling England by the Pound’, ‘Dancing with the Moonlit Knight’ is a blend of early 70’s progressive rock and English folk music which.

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