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  1. Evacuation Plans and Procedures. OSHA eTool. Helps small businesses develop an emergency action plan and comply with OSHA's emergency standards. Fall Protection. Fall Protection. OSHA Safety and Health Topics Page. Provides safety and health information relevant to fall protection in the construction .
  2. Apr 19,  · A muster point needs to be well-known and clearly marked with a sign that either states "Muster Point" or has a symbolic depiction of one. One common muster point symbol is a set of four arrows pointing inward to a central dot. Evacuation maps in the company building or workstation should indicate the muster point as well as the evacuation route.
  3. All businesses with employees who use respiratory protection must have a written respiratory protection policy. The Respirator Program provides a written policy template that covers the requirements for respiratory protection at your facility. This is provided in Microsoft Word®, and it /5(3).
  4. New Astatic Ceramic Cartridges for phonographs, turntables, and record player pickup. Order quality replacement cartridges for a variety of brands today.
  5. IS – Portable fire extinguishers – performance and construction S Emergency preparedness It is essential to identify facilities where emergency preparedness procedures must be implemented. Large facilities like offices, warehouses and sales offices must prepare emergency preparedness or emergency evacuation plans.
  6. Construction) are informed of and trained in the following minimum elements for the Emergency Action Plan and Fire Prevention Plan: • Procedures for reporting a fire or other emergency. • Procedures for emergency evacuation for all areas of work, including type of evacuation and exit route assignments.

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