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9 thoughts on “ Tick Tack - Crematory - Liverevolution (DVD)

  1. Disc 1 + Disc 2 (DVD) Is it true? The album is also available with an extra DVD Live In Concert (WGT - Leipzig ) 1 Resurrection 2 Wake Up 3 Fly 4 Greed 5 Angel Of Fate 6 Tears Of Time 7 Revolution 8 The Fallen 9 Tick Tack 10 Ist Es Wahr 11 Open Your Eyes 12 Temple Of Love Video Clips 13 Greed 14 Revolution.
  2. Tick Tack Ist Es Wahr Open Your Eyes Temple Of Love Video Clips: Greed Revolution Tick Tack Extras: Backstageszenes Interview Photogallery Скачать Crematory - Liverevolution (CD+DVD) Внимание! У Вас нет прав .
  3. Tears Of Time + 4 Video Clips Length of the whole DVD: approx.: minutes Line Up: Felix Stass: vocals Tosse Basler: guitar Rolf Munkes: guitar Jason Matthias: bass Markus Jallich: drums Katrin Jallich: keyboards.
  4. The pianos keep it ever melodic while the drop B - tuned guitars keep it true to the goth sound, while the bass is very thick. The drumming isn't anything amazing, but I still like it a lot. Then after another boring song is another awesome track entitled 'Tick Tack'/5(4).

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