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  1. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction in my alley around the corner, there's a wino with feathered shoulders, and a spirit giving head for crack and he'll never want it back, there's a little kid and his family eating crackers like thanksgiving and a pack of wild desperados scornful of living the worlds is scratching at my door.
  2. Oct 23,  · Stranger Than Fiction is one of Bad Religion's most successful albums, featuring two of their well-known hit singles, "Infected" and the re-recorded version of "21st Century (Digital Boy)", which both earned airplay on MTV and radio stations, such as KROQ/5().
  3. Incomplete Leave Mine To Me Stranger Than Fiction Tiny Voices The Handshake Better Off Dead Infected Television Individual Hooray For Me Slumber Marked Inner Logic.
  4. Stranger Than Fiction Lyrics. [Verse 1] A febrile shocking violent smack. And the children are hoping for a heart-attack. Tonight the windows are watching. The streets all conspire. And the lamppost can't stop crying. If I could fly high above the world.
  5. AllMusic Review by Jack Rabid [+] Stranger Than Fiction is back to the go-for-the-jugular stuff, pretending that the wonderful modifications and variety of their recent work never existed -- thus the qualms about this LP. It feels too regressive, a sort of pandering. That said, if 5/

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