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6 thoughts on “ Handy With The Tongue Sword - Kid Dynamite - This Is Hardcore

  1. Three's A Party Lyrics: Get the fuck out! Three’s A Party Kid Dynamite. Album Shorter, Faster, Handy With the Tongue Sword 6. Living Daylights 7. Introduction to the Opposites.
  2. Give 'em the Ripped One Lyrics: If I murdered millions tell me would you believe? Give ’em the Ripped One Kid Dynamite. Album Shorter, Faster, Handy With the Tongue Sword 6. Living.
  3. Shorter, Faster, Louder is the second album by Philadelphia hardcore punk band Kid Dynamite. It was released in by Jade Tree and was the last album released before they broke up. Track listing "Pits and Poisoned Apples" - "Death and Taxes" - "Cheap Shot Youth Anthem" - "Cop Out" - "Handy With the Tongue Sword" - Genre: Punk rock, pop punk, hardcore punk.
  4. The Penske File Lyrics: You've had a lifetime to find yourself, lose yourself and find yourself again / Paint yourself an excuse and take it for an end. rate it / Frame it in consistency / Bottomed.
  5. Two for Flinching Lyrics: Every time i turn around / All you ever try to do is shut me down / All i have to say to you is that there is nothing between me and you / Everytime i think about myself.
  6. Death and Taxes Lyrics: Alarm clock rings, i crawl out of bed / I'm not looking forward to what lies ahead / All day i'm like a zombie, the working dead / Today's gonna be a boring day / I know it.

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